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MacLeod Interviews Martin on Infinity

Ian R. MacLeod (The Light Ages, House of Storms) has just interviewed our own Martin Sketchley for the website Infinity Plus. Martin talks about his writing process, the influence of music and mythology on his work, and the future of science fiction:

"I've got a book called Dictionary of World Myth -- An A-Z reference guide to gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and fabulous beasts. I love all that stuff, and pore over this book quite a lot when I'm developing a new idea. There's evidence of this in the chapter titles in The Affinity Trap and The Destiny Mask. Cerberus was a three-headed dog that guarded the underworld -- that's fantastic! (And I think he might have appeared in one of the Harry Potter films…) And I love the Labours of Herakles. My Favourite is the Stymphalian Birds, which is the title of the first chapter in The Destiny Mask. Herakles has to get rid of vicious man-eating birds with iron claws, wings and beaks that infested lake Stymphalios in Arcadia. He scared them out of the trees with his bronze castanets, then shot them down individually with his bow and arrow. I love anything with bronze castanets."

The third book in Martin's Structure series, The Liberty Gun, will be published this November. All covers shown here are by the wonderful Dave Seeley.

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