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Hello, and welcome to the Pyr blog, a new feature which will allow us to provide speedier news on the various science fiction and fantasy books that comprise the growing Pyr line. Here, we will post information on upcoming books, debut artwork, post author signings and convention appearances, call attention to reviews & articles, as well as post information about the Pyr website itself.

So, to get us started...

  • David Louis Edelman, author of the upcoming novel Infoquake, is podcasting. The first chapter is available free in a variety of audio formats, with more chapters to come.
  • Sean Williams, author of The Resurrected Man and The Books of the Cataclysm quartet, has started blogging in earnest. Here, he posts about some of the science behind his fantasy series. Meanwhile, noted anthologist Jonathan Strahan has written about the entire quartet on his blog, Notes from Coode Street, and also published first chapters online to all four novels.
  • George Zebrowski, author of Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia, was recently interviewed on The Dragon Page. The interview is available as a free podcast.
  • Chris Roberson's Paragaea: A Planetary Romance debuts this month. Described by Publishers Weekly as being crafted "in the best pulp manner," those wanting a taste of Roberson's neo-pulp adventure fiction can sample an entire prequel novel for free on his website.
  • Finally, over the last few weeks, we have added a great many chapter excerpts to the individual book pages on our site. Curious about one of our books? Then sample chapters from Ian McDonald's River of Gods, John Meaney's Resolution, andMartin Sketchley's The Destiny Mask, to name just a few.


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Just be sure to keep it updated for those of us that are really interested

  2. Absolutely. The whole move to is so we can do this quickly and easily. And thanks for the interest!