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Alexis Glynn Latner Comes to Alabama; John Meaney Phones it in!

I spent a delightful six and a half hours today with new Pyr author Alexis Glynn Latner, whose Hurricane Moon will be part of our Spring/Summer 2007 season. Hurricane Moon is a wonderful novel of hard science planetary colonization, a topic which I think may come back into forefront popularity in the wake of the Titan probe, new discovers of and concerning extremophiles, the recent profusion of extrasolar planets being discovered in the real universe every day, etc... It's a fantastic novel, natch, but I've never met Alexis in person apart from email and phone conversations. She's in Georgia visiting relatives and very kindly made the trip across state lines into my neck of the woods for lunch (Bottega), coffee (Starbucks), a trip to Vulcan (not the planet), and a long afternoon discussion of science, science fiction, systematic theology, post humanity, and wildlife. Here is Alexis in my library, since I sadly forgot to bring the camera with us on our trip to pay homage to the Roman god.

Meanwhile, Mu space expert, Shotokan black belt, and genius author extraordinaire John Meaney is the subject of the latest Dragon page audio interview. Evo and Michael talk to John about his Nulapeiron sequence (Paradox, Context, and Resolution), his upcoming Pyr novel, To Hold Infinity, quantum physics, martial arts, dead bones, and other projects. John is his usual enthusiastic, engaging self and the interview is well worth a listen.

Update: Alexis has the cover story in the July/August issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Set in the same universe as Hurricane Moon, you can read an excerpt of "Witherspin" online now.

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