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Paragaea Review

Paul Haggerty has posted an enthusiastic review of Chris Roberson's Paragaea: A Planetary Romance up at SfRevu:

"Paragaea is an old tale told to a modern audience. It's a classic John Carter of Mars type tale set on a strange alien planet, with strange new creatures both hostile and friendly. It's got heroes and monsters, swords and guns, high technology and low. At the core is a small plucky cosmonaut desperate to fulfill her mission and report back to her superiors after her ship is plucked out of orbit and deposited on the not-quite Earth named Paragaea.... The book ends with possibilities for continued adventurers; a possibility I look forward to. Oh, and it has zeppelins! How can you turn down a book with perky cosmonauts, super-science, cat-men, and zeppelins!"

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