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An Update on the Infoquake

David Louis Edelman's latest newsletter:

It's now approximately two months until the release of Infoquake. Pre-orders are available on, Booksense, and Barnes & Noble.

News this month:

Chapter 2 of the Infoquake Podcast Now Available
Chapter 2 of Infoquake is now available as a podcast read by the author (me). Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS to get each chapter as it appears, or download audio files from the website in MP3, Ogg Vorbis or Windows Media formats. The first seven chapters of the novel will be published online over the next several months.

Over 26,000 Words of Infoquake to Be Published Free Online
Pyr has approved the publication of four additional chapters of Infoquake on the website. Once published, the entire first section of the book and all of the appendices (a total of over 26,000 words) will be available for free on the web. Chapter 4 is available now in HTML, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and plain text; Chapters 5-7 will be available in the upcoming months.

Final Cover Available on Website
You can now view the final front and back cover for Infoquake online. (Dial-up users, take note that this is a 457 KB file.) The front cover looks pretty much the same as it always has, but the back cover hasn't been published before.

Network with the Author on MySpace, LiveJournal, and LinkedIn
If you're interested in the whole online social networking phenomenon, you might want to check out the pages I've set up recently on several of the different services. I now have a space on MySpace, am journaling on LiveJournal, and have linked in to LinkedIn. (You might also want to stop by my blog and say hello if you haven't done so yet.)

Last and yeah, probably least, for now... A tantalizingly brief mention of Infoquake on Rick Kleffel's mainstay of SF book reviews, The Agony Column: "Infoquake will be one of the most praised first novels this year." One can only hope a full review will be forthcoming...

Towards Perfection,

David Louis Edelman

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