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Spring Heeled Jack: An Extraordinary Debut!

Art by Jon Sullivan
Can't ask for better praise than this!

"The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack is the extraordinary debut from British writer Mark Hodder. This exciting tale of Victorian London gone wild makes for a nearly perfect read. Hodder’s first book is smart, witty and as fun as a novel can ever be. Already I can say that this book is easily among my top reads of the year. It also is the beginning of an all new series, Burton & Swinburne, which promises many great things. If Pyr’s immensely beautiful cover design wasn’t enough to convince you to read this then let this do so: The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack is one hell of a debut. Actually, no, scratch that. It is one f***ing hell of a debut. ...Hodder’s debut is genius. I don’t think there are very many other ways to put it. His plotting is intricate and intriguing, his voice is superb, the characters are engaging and original and all of it is so unexpectedly fun. There is no better adjective to describe such all-around greatness. Genius. Don’t come into this book expecting any less." -LEC Book Reviews


  1. It is a beautiful cover!

  2. I'm glad I could do my part in promoting such a wonderful book! Thanks for the mention!

  3. My pleasure. Really thrilled you responded so well to it. As was Mark. And yes, about halfway in I was wondering how he could have produced such am masterful, accomplished first novel!

  4. I bouight this today - finally! Now all I need to do is finish (well, ok, I'm on page 4 of approximately 650 pages) the 3rd book in Neal Stephenson's trilogy "The Baroque cycle." The cover is even more beautiful in person, err cover?

  5. Well, a cover isn't a person, so the cover is even more beautiful in cover! ;-)