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Back in the (former) USSR: Shadow's Son sells in Russia

US cover by Michael Komarck
Congratulations to Jon Sprunk, whose debut novel Shadow's Son has just sold to Russian publisher AST. This brings Jon's total up to eight countries, the others being, besides the US of course, France (Bragelonne), U.K. (Gollancz), Germany (Heyne), Czech Republic (Fantom Print), Spain (Alianza) and Poland (Papierowy Ksiezyc).
"Shadow's Son is attention grabbing, fast paced, and an overall stand out fantasy novel...takes fantasy to its original roots with a great storyline, quick paced plot flow, some really great fight scenes and enjoyable characters...Jon Sprunk shows that not all fantasy novels need to be doorstoppers to be good. Shadow's Son is easily one of my favorite books of 2010 and I look forward to seeing what Sprunk can add to this trilogy." --Fantasy Book Critic


  1. Thank you to Lou and the people at Pyr/Prometheus, and to my agent, Eddie Schneider.

  2. Amazing. Eight countries. That has to be a great wild ride. Congrats Jon and enjoy. :)

  3. And I just found out that Shadow's Son is out in stories in Germany already. It appears in French in October.