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Reviews Roundup

Art by Paul Young
Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes

Tome of the Undergates is Pirates of the Caribbean with a darker, more cynical edge. Fans of Michael Moorcock and Glen Cook will find the same kind of cynicism and darkness, but so till will readers of David Eddings find the levity that was so characteristic of his work. It is juxtaposition, but Sykes treads the line well, making Tome of the Undergates recommended reading for fans of Joe Abercrombie or Scott Lynch." Grasping for the Wind

“…this is a very solid beginning to what promises to be an epic storyline. Sykes writes with a wry humor; there is intense fighting action to be found here, certainly, and a complex plot filled with unexpected twists, but the underlying depraved sense of humor is undeniable. This series has great potential.” Sacramento Book Review

Stalking the Dragon by Mike Resnick

Art by David Palumbo
“[It] is a noir mélange with a strong dose of humor. Some of the humor is sly, some is not. A lot is tongue in cheek, and it is all a delight, with an extra bit of pleasure from the touch of Damon Runyon…Oh, and there’s a samurai goblin. Stalking the Dragon is fun from beginning to end. Pick up the other two books while you’re at it. Highly recommended.” Kobold Quarterly, Issue 14, Summer 2010

Booklist just gave the debut novel a starred review, saying, "The usual superlatives for really clever fantasy (imaginative, mind-bending, phantasmagorical) aren't nearly big enough for this debut novel. With this one book, Hodder has put himself on the genre map. ...Hodder had brilliantly combined various genre staples--time travel, alternate reality, steampunk--into something you've never quite seen before. ....The book is incredibly ambitious, andthe author pulls it off like an old pro: not only is the setting exciting and fresh, the story is thrilling and full of surprises."

Art by Paul Young
Twelve by Jasper Kent

“I recommend this for fans of history that would like a twist of supernatural entwined with it or for those who would like to escape the more stereotypical romantic vampire stories out there...I rate this one a strong 4.5 stars. It is a very good debut work and I am looking forward to reading the sequels.” Night Owl Reviews

“A gang of bloodthirsty vampires operating as partisans against the invading French army, both in its investment of Moscow and its long, and long-suffering, retreat—I don't know about you, but that setup makes my mouth water… the moral dimension of the novel flowers—and it's that dimension which really distinguishes this book from typical vampire fare…Twelve is a strong and original debut by a talented young writer who brings fresh psychological and moral sophistication to his subject.” Realms of Fantasy, December 2010

Art by Stephan Martiniere
Ares Express by Ian McDonald

"Nothing says steampunk quite as much as a train pulled by a steam engine. And nothing says science fiction quite as much as a story set on Mars. Mix the two together, and you have Ares Express.
...McDonald’s visions are grand and his prose is lyrical enough to depict them the way they deserve. Ares Express takes the reader to a new and delightfully wonderful world; you’ll decidedly want to go along for this ride." Analog

Ghosts of Manhattan by George Mann

Art by Benjamin Carre
"In George Mann’s steampunk world of 1926, prohibition-era New York teems with coal-powered cars and swooping biplanes. ...The superhero genre always provides a quandary for SF readers. Many of the conventions of the genre seem more fantasy than SF, and The Ghosts of Manhattan is no exception. Steampunk muddles the picture even more. Still, George Mann does a great job of presenting his story in such a serious, compelling way that he makes suspension of disbelief easy. It reads like SF. If your tastes run toward superhero fiction or steampunk, you’ll have no problem with the book." Analog

Art by Todd Lockwood
The Grave Thief by Tom Lloyd

“I continue to think this is an underrated series that more people should be reading, especially if you make it to Book Two, The Twilight Herald. And to repeat myself again, fans of James Barclay and Steven Erikson will feel right at home in this series. I mean, this is a series so far that just screams "EPIC!".” Genre Reader

“Dark and violent without ever being particularly gloomy Lloyd’s fiction makes for exciting reading that leaves one hungry for more.” King of the Nerds

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