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Two Smart Guys Talking

There's a great video interview with End of the Century author Chris Roberson over at Transmissions from Beyond (the TTA press podcast). The interview was recorded at Denvention last year, so he is speaking of End of the Century as a forthcoming release. But it's a good insight into all of his work, as well as his publishing company, Monkeybrain Books.

Meanwhile Geosynchron author David Louis Edelman guest blogs on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist today, explaining why the acronym for his Jump 225 trilogy (Infoquake, MultiReal, Geosynchron) spells IMG. (And Pat says of the trilogy, "As good or better than most quality scifi yarns out there.") For more info on Geosynchron, you can check out the website at, which includes the first eight chapters of the book.

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