The Geomancer


Le Sang Des Ambrose

The french cover for James Enge's Blood of Ambrose, from artist Frédéric Perrin. Coming from L'Atalante.


  1. Oh oh oh! I'm going to have to buy that!

    That city in the background and the clouds is gorgeous - I want to go there! And it's nice knowing who is on the cover, but then I've read the book so I should know!

    Monsieur Perrin needs to do some covers for you!

    Thank you for showing this!

  2. Was wondering what you would think!

  3. And today I got Empre! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! It may have taken 13 iterations, but it was worth it! The spine is also outstanding.

    So here's my current reading list - listed in the order that I received them:

    The Prince of Storms (halfway through)
    Gardens of the Sun

  4. We agonized over the spine. Jackie's final solution is gorgeous. Glad you approve it! Looking forward to your assessment of Prince of Storms.

  5. Well, I stayed up late to finish it! Amazing, simply amazing! So many unexpected twists & turns, I just couldn't put it down wondering what would happen next. There wasn't a dull moment for sure.

    But now I want to know what happens to everyone. Is she going to continue the story? There's a lot of interesting people that could be pursued.

  6. Nope, this is it. But what an ending. I felt it was the LotR of science fiction!