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Locus 2009 Recommended Reading List

Locus magazine have released their Recommended Reading List (also published in their February issue).

James Enge's Blood of Ambrose appears in the category of First Novels.

Ian McDonald is on for Cyberabad Days for Collections, and from that collection, "Vishnu at the Cat Circus" is on for Novellas.

The UK edition of Paul McAuley's Gardens of the Sun also made the list (ours comes out in March).

Congratulations to all three authors!


  1. I think they must have forgotten that Best Served Cold came out this year.

  2. I had a similar reaction.

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    With all the talk about names to artwork where are the names to the cover art on this blog? I:E this picture and all rest.Surely everytime you show a book cover you should show artists name.even if it is not a link

    Trevor Eves

  4. Hi Trevor.
    Every time artwork is debuted it is run with both the artist and designer credit. Meanwhile, if you look in the right hand margin, you can see their names under labels, so that you can click the name of an artist or designer and pull up every cover they have done for us. What's more, if you go to our catalog and forthcoming book pages, you can see that every book's respective page credits the illustrator with a link to their website (where available). For instance, if you go to Blood of Ambrose's page you will see links to both cover illustrator Dominic Harman's and interior illustrator Chuck Lukacs' sites.

    In my initial Twitter complaint, I was clear that I was talking specifically about posts that called out the artwork as the point of the post without crediting it. I stated that I didn't expect the artwork to be identified every time the cover was shown for purposes of touting a review, only when the art was the focus. However, if you have ever seen our print advertising, you will also see that Pyr always credits the illustrator when we run an ad for the book in a magazine. I believe we are the only publisher that does this. We also run the illustrator information in our catalogs, though I wouldn't expect you to know this.

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Fair enough.Thanks for response.But having said that and much credo to you for it,I understand your complaint about blogs that do not credit the artist when focusing on a cover art, which is imbecilic and makes a mockery of their blog that is complimenting the artwork or otherwise.Authors are the same and I have to say worse than book review bloggers But I do believe it wouldnt take much to just add under every cover you show (Cover art by """""")I trhink that subliminally people would get to know each book and relate the art to it when browsing book shelves. many people do note the artist and make a decision on the purchase because of or aswell as.So I do see your general point though. thank you

    Trevor Eves

  6. Thanks Trevor. When I spoke out initially, some bloggers thought I was talking about them, and I clarified that I was speaking specifically about authors & publishers who were using their cover art to drive attention their way with "look at this amazing art" posts and not bothering to credit the illustrator. But yes, I agree it would be nice if it is simply the norm. I like blogger here for its versatility and ease of use. But I don't know how to add tags to images. If there is a way, and I can figure it out, I'll make a habit. I do add illustrator credit in my Facebook posts.