The Geomancer


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Dragonfly Falling (Full Cover Spread)

Dragonfly Falling by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Cover Illustration © Jon Sullivan
Jacket Design by Jacqueline Cooke
The armies of the Wasp Empire are on the march, and first to feel their might will be the city of Tark, which is even now preparing for siege. Within its walls Salma and Totho must weather the storm, as the Ant-kinden take a stand, against numbers and weaponry such as the Lowlands have never seen. After his earlier victory against them, the Empire's secret service has decided that veteran artificer Stenwold Maker is too dangerous to live. So disgraced Major Thalric is dispatched on a desperate mission, not only to eliminate Stenwold himself but to bring about the destruction of his beloved city of Collegium, and thus end all hope of intelligent resistance to the remorseless imperial advance.
While the Empire's troops are laying waste all in their way, the young Emperor himself is treading a different path. His thoughts are on darker things than mere conquest, however, and if he attains his goal he will precipitate a reign of blood that will last a thousand years.


  1. Yet another stunning cover!

  2. Ah, there is the approval I was looking for!

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I glimpsed the book on SFSignal and was interested in whose cover it was. Woot. Book sounds fun too.