The Geomancer


Two Great Reviews for Enge and Shepherd

"Readers who are game for a different approach, and a main character who's neither a misplaced savior-prince or a sassy huntress of things that go moan in the night, will likely find much to enjoy in the niche Enge has fashioned between traditional sword-and-sorcery and the 'New Weird.' Whereas old-school S&S heroes battled in maelstroms of 'blood and thunder' (or 'thud and blunder,' in the less-stellar tales), the cerebral, taciturn Morlock — a blend of Solomon Kane, Gandalf, Mr. Spock, and something wholly his own — survives by both "blood and ponder(ing).) Like Blood of Ambrose,This Crooked Wayis an intelligent and unique example of modern sword-and-sorcery fiction. It won't appeal to everyone, but fans of sword-and-sorcery or non-stereotypical fantasy should definitely give it a look." Fantasy Literature

"Sashareads like a pleasant melding of Lord of the Rings, medieval-style warfare and intrigue mingled with the political and religious wranglings of Dune. In fact, Sasha makes a nice female parallel to Dune’s Paul Atreides. With a galloping plot and plenty of swordplay, honor, dishonor, treacheries, and victories, Sasha is a worth addition to the heroic fantasy genre." - Michelle Kerns for the San Francisco & Sacramento Book Review 

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