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Pat's Fantasy Hotlist: 2009 Year-End Awards

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has posted their 2009 Year-End Awards. Ian McDonald's Cyberabad Dayscomes in at #8 in their TOP 10 SPECULATIVE FICTION TITLES OF 2009, while the UK edition of Jasper Kent's Twelve comes in at #6 and gets "BEST DEBUT" (we're publishing in 2010. Please wait for it.) Kay Kenyon's City Without End, just misses the Top Ten at #13. Meanwhile, I'm honored to have gotten the MVP AWARD. Pat writes:

The heart and soul behind the Pyr imprint, this man is pretty damn close to being a genius. Though he's the head of a smaller publishing house and hence cannot compete financially with the genre powerhouses, Lou Anders always managed to put out a wide array of quality speculative fiction titles every year. He's like the general manager of a small-market team who always finds a way to get the players he needs for the team to make the playoffs. And with what he and the Pyr crew has in store for 2009 as they celebrate the imprint's 5th anniversary, this could be Pyr's biggest year yet! Long live!=)
Probably not a genius. But smart enough not to argue with this.


  1. Clay Griffith7:20 PM

    Now I'm too intimidated to call you on the phone!
    Well deserved.

  2. Well that must be nice to hear! I completely second the "wide array of quality titles" And the Long Live!

    Borders UK disappeared this month so I'm out of the bookselling game but I always look forward to Pyr releases and will continue to do so. Congrats!

  3. Becca, my sympathies. I hope you are okay !

  4. Becca2:46 PM

    Oh, a little heartbroken cause I'll miss the place but otherwise in no trouble. Cheers!

  5. I am sorry for the heartache but glad you are okay.