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More Best of 2009

Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews have published their Awards for 2009. The UK edition of Jasper Kent's Twelve, which we'll be releasing in 2010, comes in #4 in their Top Ten Reads. Meanwhile, Stephan Martiniere's illustration for Ian McDonald's Desolation Roadis one of the winners of Best Cover Artwork.

While over at Book Chick City, they list their Top Ten Most Anticipated Reads 2010, and George Mann's Ghosts of Manhattanshows up at # 7.

Rock on.


  1. Bought Noonshade today at B&N!

    My present to myself for spending yet another morning at the dentist.

  2. Forgot! Also bought another cookbook - this one from 1950. I now have the first cookbook I ever owned and the first cookbook I learned to cook from!

    What does this have to do with SF/F? Nothing - unless you consider cooking a fantasy!


  3. Can't wait to get my hands on Ghosts of Manhattan - love the cover too :)

  4. By Benjamin Carre. Really thrilled with it!

  5. Hi Christine - I take it you liked Dawnthief then?

  6. Hi Christine - I take it you liked Dawnthief then?

  7. Hey there Lou! :-)

    Oh yes!!! Am now halfway through Noonshade & so far it's like there's been no time between reading it and the other 2! It's great!

    I'm not reading it quite as fast as usual - I'm also reading the Sherlock Holmes anthology that Dave Palumbo did the cover for and going through my knitting/sewing/quilting/needlepoint room throwing out (actually donating) half of its contents. I must be donating at least 100 knitting needles (for example).

    Anyway, after Noonshade my plan is Sascha. And continue working on my room.

  8. Do you mean Noonshade or Nightchild, since Noonshade is the second of three? Either way, glad you are enjoying it. I'll be very curious how you find Sasha. The GRRM comparisons continue.
    100 needles?

  9. Oops, Nightchild. Now I've read all 3. Are there more coming? There must be - Nightchild resolved nothing. All sorts of things up in the air. And since the dead aren't really dead, not even that is definite (trying not to spoil anything here).

    Yup, 100 needles. And I've probably still got 100. I've been knitting for 52 years, and I've never disposed of any of my needles - I decided it was about time.

  10. Yup. Raymond Swanland is working on the covers of the Legends of the Raven trilogy now.