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For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Dervish House

The Dervish House© Ian McDonald
Cover Illustration © Stephan Martiniere
Design by Jacqueline Cooke

In the sleepy Istanbul district of Eskiköy stands the former whirling dervish house of Adem Dede. Over the space of five days of an Istanbul heatwave, six lives weave a story of corporate wheeling and dealing, Islamic mysticism, political and economic intrigue, ancient Ottoman mysteries, a terrifying new terrorist threat, and a nanotechnology with the potential to transform every human on the planet.

Coming July 2010


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    To misquote Barney Stinson, "Holy crap, that's beautiful!"

    What a fascinating cover- the colors and the scene and the onlookers staring at the reader... marvelous.

  2. Thank you. I think it may be my favorite of Stephan's covers for Ian thus far. At least it is today!

  3. That is one wicked cover. Absolutely beautiful. This seems to be a tendency here.

    I'd buy this for the cover alone. This atmosphere drags you right in.

  4. This seems to be a tendency here.

    So appreciated.

  5. Once again, another evocative Martiniere cover for a Pyr novel.

  6. They're watching me!

    WOW! What a fantastic cover!

    Wonderful colour scheme for a story taking place during a heat wave - and so much detail of the "sleepy Istanbul district" too.

    A definitely winning combination - Martiniere & McDonald! And another winner for my "to buy, then to read" pile!

  7. Oh, and kudos to Jacqueline Cooke for a great design, and not placing the title-author info over the art and in a "blank" space. The white on black really stands out, and the light reddish-orange author title really blends in with the art.

  8. Ah, was waiting for your opinion, thank you. Glad you like it and thank you for the praise for Jackie!

  9. The only problem is - martiniere has done some wonderful covers this past year, & I'd be ready to purchase a couple. But he hasn't updated his website lsince June 2008, so there's no way to purchase any.

    Hint, hint.

  10. I will tell him that now.