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Earth And Moon As Seen From Mars

Snapped by HiRise. Howdy, neighbour!

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  1. Earth is that big in the Martian sky? Makes me wonder what it must be live for those inhabited planets (must be some out there somewhere) that have blue worlds in their skies. How would that effect your mythologies, religions, etc... if you could look in the sky and see life.

  2. It's what you could see if you were on Mars, using a good telescope (although not exactly as clear as this, perhaps; the image has been processed somewhat). To the naked eye, Earth would be a blue dot a little larger and brighter than Mars seen from Earth, with a pale companion just visible.

    And if we could see another blue world in our skies, then yes, everything would most certainly be different.

  3. I would love to see what would happen to a culture that evolved on a large moon of a Jovian-sized world.