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Go West, Not-So-Young Man!

Having just completed his first military SF series (which concludes with Starship: Flagshipthis coming December), five time Hugo-winning author Mike Resnick is going to turn his talented hand to a new first for him - steampunk! We've just signed with him for The Buntline Special: A Weird West Tale. Picture a fractured America, steampunk technology, cowboys, rayguns, Native American shamans, and, drum roll please, zombies! I feel very safe guaranteeing that the West will never be the same.

Mike Resnick has won an impressive five Hugos and been nominated for twenty-eight more. He has sold fifty-eight novels and more than two hundred short stories. He has edited fifty anthologies. His work ranges from satirical fair, such as his Lucifer Jones adventures, to weighty examinations of morality and culture, as evidenced by his brilliant tales of Kirinyaga. The series, with sixty-seven major and minor awards and nominations to date, is the most honored series of stories in the history of science fiction.


  1. Sounds awesome. Could these two titles (I'm including the Vampire Empire announced earlier) be the ones you teased on Facebook about being the different for Pyr titles you were considering buying a few weeks back?

  2. Between this, Akers, and Vampire Empire Pyr is doing a lot of Steampunk in the future. I say bring it on!

  3. Hi Christian. One of them is. The other title I ultimately decided was too different and passed on it.

    Hi Hatter - Thanks. And you left out the Adrian Tchiakovsky we'll be debuting in March-April-May 2010, which has a steam-angle too. And George Mann's Ghosts of Manhattan, which is pulp avenger in a 1920s of coal-powered taxicabs.

    Of course, all of these are "steam-and". None, you will note, are straight Victoriana.

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I really appreciate the "steam-and" over Victorian. I'm burnt out on Victorian steam-punk. Bring on the Weird West Tale, because I am not waiting patiently.

  5. I think the steam 1920s is also a rather unique approach, and I'm really getting into steam-fantasy, both epic and noir/urban. But as to waiting and patience, MIke does have to actually, you know, write it.