The Geomancer


Baxter's Ark

I've just finished reading Stephen Baxter's new novel, Ark, and it's superb: the sequel to his end-of-the-world narrative of global inundation, Flood, it's an immensely readable account of the building and flight of a starship to take a select few humans to an extrasolar planet where humanity can, hopefully, start again. I'll write a review when I've a moment; but until then I'll just note that the cover, above, strikes me as just lovely. I like the illustration very much; I like the design, and I like the shape and size of the font. Above all I love the way the arc (ha!) of the starship's launch mimics the curve of the 'a'; and the sharp diagonals of the 'k' take us down to the rocks at the bottom of the image.


  1. Ordered. Hardback version.

    agree totally with cover review

  2. The paperback is on my shelf. Hope to read it soon. I liked FLOOD.