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The World of Infoquake Gets Closer to Reality

The latest TEDtalks reminds me of nothing so much as the future-world portrayed in Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan and David Louis Edelman's Infoquakeand MultiRealnovels. This is Pattie Maes of MIT Media Lab's new Fluid Interfaces Group. Wow!


  1. Very geeky, but extremely cool.

    If you haven't seen Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or Dennou Coil, you should. They both address this idea of an 'augmented reality' to one degree or another.

    Good stuff.

  2. I haven't. I bought an early version of Stand Alone Complex that was really badly subtitles, so returned it. Never bothered to catch up with the better version that followed. Really should.

  3. I'm sure all these MIT guys are manga fans. Hopefully a few of them are Pyr readers too.

    I'd personally prefer holographic projection glasses myself, that make the projection image appear to hover in mid-space before you. That way no one else can see what you're seeing, and the imagery can interact directly with your line of vision by tracking your pupil. It also takes away the problem of projecting onto foreign surfaces.

  4. My wife had the same reaction, and lamented the lack of privacy this created. She wanted them on contact lenses (and there is a company working on putting chips into lenses, too).