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Nuts & Bolts: Tom Lloyd

Genreville's Rose Fox posts Nuts & Bolts: Tom Lloyd today. This interview with the author of The Twilight Heraldwas conducted back when his first novel, The Stormcaller,was just coming out, so we are very glad to see it finally posted.

Here's a taste: "The idea evolved over several years. I'd had the first scene stuck in my head for a while, a dream originally, so it was the natural start for the book, but I didn't actually have a plot to begin with. When I started writing I just started sketching out ideas for the world and how I'd like it to be populated. I've always loved the quarrelsome gods of Norse mythology and decided that I wanted more involvement from gods than most books I'd read."


  1. Nice interview. I just reviewed The Stormcaller and liked it A LOT. I even replaced my arc of The Twilight Herald with a "real" copy from barnes and noble. Can't wait to dig into it next week. Did i read somewhere that the third book is due here in the US in the fall?

  2. Yup, and I'll get Todd Lockwood's cover for same by the end of the month!

  3. Cool..looking forward to seeing the new cover. I'll keep my eyes open for it, so i can create a post to show it off.

  4. Thanks. I expect it end of the month. Todd got called to Japan for a show (poor guy).