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Sweet and Low

David Low, I mean. And the only purpose of this post is to direct you to another post saying how much I enjoyed reading a collection of the great man's political cartoons (the volume in question is styled as an illustrated recapitulation of the 1950s). Lots of SF there, because of course the 1950s was the decade in which SF began properly to interpenetrate the general cultural discourse ... Sputnik, Laika et al. Incidentally, did you know that the first dog in space actually had four, count-em, four names? Why so many? I don't know; but I concur with Low that, though 'Laika' was perfectly descriptive of the little creature (Лайка, "Barker"), a cartoonist had better make use of one of the others (Лимончик, "Little Lemon"). Because it is funnier.

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