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Worldcon and Bittercon


This is Pyr author James Enge, sneaking in to break a few windows while Lou is away at Worldcon.

Here's hoping Lou and everyone else headed to (or already in) Denver has a good time at Denvention 3.

For the rest of us, fantasist Sherwood Smith (a.k.a. sartorias) is setting up a Bittercon through LiveJournal. Some of the (virtual) panel topics look like fun. (If you could see me at this moment you'd know that I'm pointing modestly at the "Theory and Practice of Monsters" topic, which I suggested.) You won't have to be registered with LiveJournal to comment (at least not on my topic).

Don't get bitter--get Bitterconned! (That slogan needs some work, maybe.)


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  1. Bittercon was fantastic for those of us unable to attend, and heck, even those that did might enjoy it once they recover enough to want to read sff related things.

    Lots of really interesting discussions.