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Bright Music

Wowed this morning to discover a song inspired by Bright of the Sky. John Anealio is a composer and singer-songwriter who has a fantastic website called Sci-Fi Songs. He's trying to merge his love of music with his equal devotion to sf and fantasy and art, and by my tour of his site, he's succeeding and then some. In his piece, "The Return of Titus Quinn," I think he captured the mood and the gestalt of the book wonderfully.

There is something riveting about seeing or hearing a story as interpretated in art or music; I've had that experience with Stephan Martiniere's artistic representations of my series. Hearing this piece of music reminds me how cross-inspirational the arts are. The terrain is strange and moving, almost as though something magical has occurred. I just love this!

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  1. What a beautiful piece to have inspired! It's absolutely gorgeous.