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Mind Meld: Is it Time for Star Wars to Go?

SF Signal is back with another Mind Meld, this one asking, "Is it time for Star Wars to go on hiatus for a long while, or is there hope the new, live-action TV series will breathe new life into the series?"

Answers are from such notables as Keith R.A. DeCandido, John C. Wright, Pete Tzinsky, John Hemry, Bruce Bethke, Jeff Patterson, Jeanne Cavalos, Andrew Wheeler, and Yours Truly. My favorite response comes from Andrew Wheeler, who says, "Actually, 'The Star Wars Franchise' is one of those wonderful fannish constructions, which has always existed more fully in the collective consciousness than in reality (and even more so in the rationalizations of a million fans talking at once). Consider Boba Fett -- the biggest badass in the galaxy, on the basis of about five lines of dialogue and some battered old armor. Fett's image was almost entirely constructed by the fans' desires and dreams, goaded on by the fact that his action figure was a rare giveaway when they were mostly young and impressionable."

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