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Pyr's FF2 Cover Art on Denver TV

Denver's NBC TV affiliate 9News covered last week's World Science Fiction Convention. You'll be able to glimpse the cover art for the much-anticipated Pyr anthology FAST FORWARD 2, edited by Lou Anders; the mysterious "Man from Shanghai" that edits SCI FI MAGAZINE; as well as yours truly. Check it out, if you haven't already.


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Your booth looked great! The FF2 cover looks wonderful.

  2. I never got to see John's booth myself - for some incredible reason they shut the art show down mid-afternoon Saturday! - so I'm glad to see it here. I thought he came off very well and that overall it was a very dignified report, propeller-beanie and the anchorman's snort at the end notwithstanding. I wish they had worked in a few more of the young, fresh faces that were also in attendance, though I love the lady they closed on and her comment about mountains!

  3. I should add that understanding the history of the propeller-beanie I now feel more kindly to it that I did before.

  4. Anonymous1:14 AM

    I cannot see a propellor beanie without thinking of Calvin and Hobbes, so I suppose I was kindly disposed beforehand. :)

    I'm surprised that they shut down the artists' booths on Sat. One of my great regrets of OmegaCon was being too shy to walk up to an obviously bored (because there was no one there) Brom and tell him how much I admired his work.

    Overall, I thought the news clip was pretty understanding of the con.

  5. Oh, you absolutely should have. For one thing, Brom is a REALLY nice guy. For another, he was probably bored because no one was doing that and would have appreciated the admiration.

    Story: I was sitting at a bar at a World Horror Convention in Chicago with my friend Patricia Tallman, who played Lyta Alexander on Babylon 5. She was upset because it was the wrong con for her and no one knew who she was. We sat and talked a while, and then she turned in early, somewhat down, with a 5 am wakeup for an early flight.

    The INSTANT she left two people approached me. "Was that Patricia Tallman?" they asked. Turns out they were not with the con, but were flying somewhere else when their plane was grounded. The airlines put them in this hotel, and who should they see but their favorite actress - "We're her biggest fans!" - from their favorite show. If they had only walked up when they saw her, they would have made her night. As it was, she was gone and not coming back.