The Geomancer


Stalking the Cover Art

Hot on the heels of our Stalking the Vampire jacket, here is the full cover for Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight.Artwork by Dan Dos Santos, design by our own Nicole Sommer-Lecht. Also happy to let you know we've just signed Stalking the Dragon for next year, so John Justin Mallory is guaranteed to return!


  1. Cool beans! I've become a fan of Mike's writing because of your re-issues and I really enjoy the Mallory stories. The covers are great and should really do well with the popularity of the Modern Day Wizard/PI in Fantasyland.

  2. Hey Rob -
    Yeah, PW did a sidebar piece on both Stalking Books under the header of "Far-Seeing Author", suggesting Mike was ahead of the Wizard/PI curve, which, well, he was.