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Red Alert: Starship Mutiny the Audiobook

Check it. Over on SFFAudio, the first review of a Pyr book's audio edition! Yup, audio edition. Mike Resnick's Starship Mutiny is out in audio from I've heard about 3 minutes and was very impressed with the quality. We didn't actually have anything to do with this - it was a deal directly between Mike and Audible, but I'm happy to see it happen, and a big believer that a great audio book can inspire someone to go back and buy the "archival quality" hardcover (as I did with Neil Gaiman's Coraline and Stephen King's The Gunslinger both, for example.) Meanwhile, SFFAudio says:

"I can’t say that Resnick’s broken any new ground, but what he does is bring an immediacy and intelligence to the Military SF sub-genre. ...all the gravitas of his intellectual legacy informs the action. It’s as if SF’s own Tolstoy were writing Horatio Hornblower by way of The Odyssey....The whole novel took me less than 36 hours to consume, its highly addictive listening and I confess I was downloading the follow-up book before I’d even finished this one. For a novel so light in ideas, the heart of SF, it’s hard to call it 'unmissable,' but on the other hand it masterfully achieves precisely what it intends to; it’s intelligent and entertaining Military SF - and that is still no small feat. Starship: Mutiny: Highly recommended!"


  1. Audible rocks. Plain and simple. I just became a member after my 14 day trial and can't wait to spend all my credits and then some. My wish list is already nearing 20 books. Prices are great (how can you beat $14.95 for a huge Wheel of Time book that will cost you $50 or more in the store).

    Anyway, I'll be adding this one to my wish list now.


  2. Anonymous12:57 AM

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