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MultiReal: A Matrix fans delight!

Over at Grasping at the Wind, John reviews David Louis Edelman's just-released MultiReal, which he proclaims, "an exciting and excellent sequel. There are many twisted and convoluted plot lines, and the web being spun around Natch is drawn ever tighter. As a good second book in a trilogy should do, it leaves us on a cliffhanger, wondering at the success or failure of its heroes."

John is also the second reviewer to suggest that Edelman beats middle-book-of-a-trilogy syndrome, as he says, " This is one of those rare cases (like The Empire Strikes Back vs. A New Hope) where the second movie far surpasses the first in quality and level of enjoyment. Fans of stories that mix philosophy and ethics, with action and technology will enjoy Edelman's works."

And who can balk at the final sentiment here: "It is a Matrix fans' delight, and a worthy successor to Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. I highly recommend Edelman as an author, and suggest you read Infoquake and its sequel MultiReal if you are looking for high-octane action, deep thinking, and eloquent writing."


  1. Why is there no hardcover version of this?

  2. In short - Because bookstore chains much prefer new authors to be in paperback.

    But hey - maybe we'll do a 10th anniversary hardcover omnibus one day when Dave is uber-famous.