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David Louis Edelman is blogging about the publication of MultiReal in a series of posts. He shows off how it looks alongside the just-released Solaris mass-market of Infoquake in a post here. Also of interest, a post in which he decries attacks on Cory Doctorow for basically having " a big megaphone, and ... using it." As Dave says, "That twentieth century paradigm of advertising and promotion? You know, the paradigm where the content sits on one side of the page, and the advertisements sit on the other side of the page, and there’s a nice clear line separating the two? That paradigm’s dead. We live in an Information Age, as Boomer journalists are fond of reminding us. It’s not about selling widgets in exchange for greenbacks you can put in your pocket anymore. It’s about pushing ideas into the deep end of the swimming pool of public discourse and letting them swim. If you’ve got great ideas and you spread them around effectively, you’re gaining currency. So there’s no more hard separation; the idea and the promotion of the idea have become in many ways one and the same thing."

Meanwhile, Tom Lloyd, whose grim and gritty epic fantasy, The Stormcaller: Book One of the Twilight Reign,we'll be releasing in October, has a new website. Bear in mind it's still being tweaked and be sure to check out the new discussion forum.

Elsewhere, I've found myself drawn into an interesting discussion of "Can Hollywood Make a Good Hard SF Film?" over at Solar Flare: Science Fiction News. For the record, I think so, even if it's the exception, not the rule.


  1. 15 days & Multireal will be in my hands!

    I've been saving Infoquake until Multireal arrived - then I'll read them, one after the other!

    did I say only 15 days?

  2. Oooo. Seeing as how I read them 2 years apart, you'll have to let me know how it is.

  3. Hey Lou.

    A review of Selling Out for you!