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The Universe is Expanding Already

So, Publishers Weekly has done their annual cover story on science fiction and fantasy. "Is the Universe Expanding or Contracting" by Bethanne Kelly Patrick and Michael Coffey proclaims that "Today's bestselling science fiction is outside the genre—Atwood, Niffenegger, Crichton" and then asks editors from a variety of SFF houses for a "hot" current title to plug. (Can you guess ours?)

I haven't seen the print issue yet, though a friend alerted me to the fact that my name may be mispelled there, so I'm curious to confirm that. Also, don't get me wrong - I am very grateful to be included in their roundup for the third year in a row (previous two here and here), but I generated enough material for this interview that once I confirm that the little bit that's online is all they took in print as well, I may come back here with an outtakes blog post!

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