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Guns, Grenades, and Dragons, Oh My!

Rich, over at SF Signal, posts his review of Justina Robson's Keeping It Real, which he accords four stars.

He calls the book, "A great blend of science fiction and fantasy! Imaginative characters, while based on previous fantasy archetypes - have their own unique aspects and personalities. Quickly pulls you in, and picks up speed from there."

Finally, what's not to love about this? "All the guns, grenades, mystical vortexes, motor cycle chases, and dragons are great. They move the story along and I for one really enjoy 'action sequences'. Most of all they serve as a vehicle to move the characters along and grow them for the reader, and lay the ground work for some hopefully very interesting and exciting sequels."

Works by me.


  1. Lou,

    Am behind in following up on this...but Keeping It Real at last showed up at the Tempe AZ Borders about a week ago, though face-up in the new SF section, not the new paperbacks table.


  2. Thanks for the sighting. I think the promo has been pushed back, though I want to confirm before blogging the dates. However, 4 copies showed up here at my local B&N. We don't have a Borders here, and they weren't faced out - or at least, not till I got there.