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What's not to love?

Mike Resnick's Starship: Pirate gets a B from Sci Fi Weekly. D. Douglas Fratz isn't criticising when he says in his review of the book:

" enjoy this novel it is important that the reader unpack and leave behind much in the way of knowledge and logic and go with the narrative flow. The reader cannot ask why, in a high-technology far future, diamonds (simple carbon) are so much more valuable than starships that pirates can get rich on jewels but destroy starships at will, or why everyone seems to know everyone in a universe with trillions of people, or why the hero is so incredibly lucky. The answer, of course, is that such things are simply part of the traditions of the subgenre."

Not critical at all. No, sir. Because, as Doug puts it:

"Resnick makes excellent use of the conventions and tropes of traditional space adventure... Resnick is writing good old-fashioned space adventure here, bereft of any complex themes or hard-science underpinnings, but he does it as well as it's ever been done."

And the result - though I'd argue there is more under the surfice that Doug suggests - is certainly pure, fast-paced fun.

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