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SFSignal posts their review of Martin Sketchley's The Liberty Gun, the third and final installment of his Structure trilogy of military SF. They give the book four and a half out of five stars, praising it for "Relentless, engrossing action sequences; likable characters; page-turning quality; vivid imagery."

They further say:

"Simply put: this is action-packed sf without the fluff. The story pacing is unapologetically swift and the narrative pushes the reader from one thrilling sequence to the next. There is no slow, novel-long buildup of action. It's 100% adrenaline... Sketchley does an excellent job exceeding your average adventure quotient while simultaneously creating vivid imagery in his writing. I could easily imagine this on the big screen."

SFSignal isn't the first to recognize the cinematic potential of Martin's series. Speaking of the previous installment, The Destiny Mask, Cheryl Morgan wrote "I can see comic books, film options and computer games in Martin Sketchley’s future. "

To date, Martin's series has the highest action component of anything we've published and is also the most "cinematic," which has me wondering if one of the bridges between the disparate mediums of literary and filmic SF is action. But the road back is "intelligence" - so is intelligent action the key?

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