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Sagramanda & Fast Forward

Michael Berry of the San Francisco Chronicle reviews Alan Dean Foster's Sagramanda. He praises Foster's "his versatility and ingenuity" but also makes a good point about the inevitable comparisons:

"Some readers may suspect that Sagramanda suffers in comparison with another recent near-future thriller set in India, Ian McDonald's River of Gods, also published by Pyr. Both use purloined technology as a major plot device and present multiple viewpoints from a large cast of characters. Foster's approach to the material is more direct than McDonald's, but his eye for telling and exotic detail is sharp, and his instincts for constructing a gripping story line are sure. India is vast, and the subcontinent's potential influence on this century shouldn't be a subject restricted to only one science fiction writer at a time. "

Meanwhile, Monster's & Critics reviewer Sandy Amazeen reviews Fast Forward 1:

Inventive and thought provoking, with solid storylines and imaginative twists, this excellent new sci-fi collection delivers. "


  1. I think Foster is an often-underrated writer, and that some of his best work appears in his non-series novels. He's traveled the world extensively, including India, so "his eye for telling and exotic detail" comes not just from skilled writing and research, but firsthand experience, too.

    And thank you, Lou & Pyr, for being so non-USA-centric in the books you publish.

    Robert(livin' in the USA)

    ps: Really looking forward to Fast Forward I.

  2. Hey Robert,
    Alan always emails me his location and as near as I can figure it - he never stops traveling. And thanks for the kind words - I think he and Ian are both on the cusp of a global wave and won't look so similar when more writers follow suit. Meanwhile, I hope you will come back here and let me know what you think about FF1 when it's out.

  3. Hi Lou,

    It's a small world -- Alan Dean Foster lives in Precott AZ, just a 90-min or so drive north from me (in Tempe AZ). In past years I've bumped into him up there in the public library and local waffle shop.

    I'm looking foward to that global sf-writing wave you're predicting.

    And I'll gladly let you know what I think about FF1.


  4. It is a small world. I was once walking down a street in Santerini and bumped into a friend of mine!

    Meanwhile, Fast Forward should start popping up in about a week!