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the Starship Saga Continues...

Rob H. Bedford, over on SFFWorld, posts his review of Mike Resnick's Starship: Pirate:

"What makes this novel so enjoyable is the dialogue; the majority of the story is told through the words of the characters. Snappy banter between Cole and Forrice, his closest friend, Cole and Sharon, his lover, frankly between Cole and any of the characters proves entertaining. There are some omniscient narrative scenes, but most of the action and plot is relayed through the characters themselves. This allows the entire story to move along at a brisk pace, even more so with the brevity of the novel. As with Starship: Mutiny, Resnick puts a lot of story, ample amounts of action balanced with tension in a short novel. With no words wasted, the story is very entertaining. While a very character-driven story, Resnick also brings in enough action to balance out the story.... With the two of five project Starship novels published, Resnick is building a nice, thoroughly entertaining Space Opera."

Rob's thoughts on the previous book, Starship: Mutiny,are available in this earlier review.

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