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Grab Your Colored Pencils - The Buntline Special gets extra points for presentation.

The Little Red Reviewer makes my day with this:
"Fast paced plot, and addictive characters and witty dialogue aside, can I tell you how much I’m in love with the presentation of  The Buntline Special? A handful of illustrations that gave me a giddy urge to grab my colored pencils, fictional and actual newspaper articles headed in a font I’ve only dreamed about, along with a few other artistic touches here and there. The publisher, Pyr, was under no obligation to make this book physically alluring, they made a stylistic choice to do so. If this was Iron Chef, I’d be awarding extra points for presentation."
The interior illustrations, as well as the cover art, is by the wonderful J. Seamus Gallagher.  The cover layout is by Nicole Sommer-Lecht. Interior layout by Bruce Carle.

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