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The Functional Nerds: James Enge and Blake Charlton

The Wolf AgeJames Enge, author of The Wolf Age, and Blake Charlton, author of Spellwright, are this week's guests on The Functional Nerds podcast, episode 35. The nerds describe the episode thusly:
"In the 35th episode of the Functional Nerds, we welcome back Blake Charlton & James Enge to talk dyslexia, Latin, Greek & why other languages have fewer folks suffering from dyslexia versus English, then break out into a fantastic chat on music, instruments and how language plays a huge part in how music has developed over centuries, then onto mythology and how it influences Fantasy works today, then into video games, comic books, YA novels, Spellbound, The Wolf Age and much, much more."
 The episode is available at the link above and via iTunes.

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