The Geomancer


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Killswitch mmpb

Cover Illustration © Stephan Martiniere
Design by Jacqueline Cooke

Two years after the unhatching of Callayan President Neiland’s plot to make the capital city of Tanusha the center of the Federation, Callay is under siege. So begins the third installment of this gripping trilogy from an exciting new sci-fi author.

A powerful faction of conservative Fleet captains has surrounded Callay, at Earth’s behest, and is threatening a blockade – or worse. A fearful Earth does not wish to lose direct control of its precious war machine, and there are fears of civil war.

All that Callay has to oppose the warships of the Fleet is the Callayan Defense Force (CDF) – a newly formed group of raw recruits led by a politically hamstrung general. However, the CDF is largely trained and organized by Major Vanessa Rice and her best friend, Callay’s combat-android, Commander Cassandra Kresnov. But when Cassandra’s lover, Special Agent Ari Ruben, discovers a plot to kill her using a killswitch, which her old masters in the League built into her brainstem, Sandy is forced to go underground to stay alive.


  1. Excellent series! And another series where I read all 3 books, one right after the other.

    And the artwork too!

  2. I think the artwork lends itself to the mmpb even better than the trade, and I really like this layout.

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Very nice, and another reason I need to pick this series up :) I saw one of the series a couple of months back in a local Waterstones which was slightly surprising as I didn't think they'd be available in a UK shop. Still, I'll have to get Crossover soon to see what's on offer.

  4. Hi Mark, thanks for this.
    Yeah, you should be able to get Joel Shepherd, Kay Kenyon, Matthew Sturges, James Enge, and many more Pyr books in Waterstones. We hold UK rights for a lot of our books and ship to Waterstones and Forbidden Planet (and elsewhere).

  5. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Excellent, I shall be keeping my eyes peeled on my next visit!

  6. Thanks. Would love to hear reports of sighting. Will post photo too!

  7. sighting!

    Saw both the large-size paperback and the small-size paperback in downtown Seattle B&N in the "what's new, just released" rack. Actually, I saw a lot (like 8 or 9) in the rack. Didn't have anything to write a list on though. :-(

    And I was so glad NOT to see Weis&Hickman's current dragon book on the rack! it's been on it for at least a month, maybe even two.

    Mark, yes, get the series! it's really fun!

  8. Interesting that they had the trade pb out as a "new release" alongside the mmpb...

  9. It's not the first time I've seen that though in the downtown store. The "new releases" has 3 sections - first = hardbacks plus the trade pb; second = the mmpb's; third equals anthologies & series )e.g., Dragonlance Series). It's as though they're trying to cover all bases. Every once in a while I've even seen the same book in all 3 places!

  10. Just odd since the trade has been out a long time. But happy odd.