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City Without End: One Hell of a Novel

City without Endis to be admired and appreciated. It is to be enjoyed. City Without End is one hell of a novel. It is better than the A World Too Near,which in turn was better than Bright of the Sky.That would be saying something if the series did not start out strong. Since Bright of the Sky was a strong opening volume, it marks City Without End as something special. Truly, this is a series that demands to be read. Only, be sure to start at the beginning. You don’t want to miss a word.” -Fantasy Magazine, May 7, 2009

You see that there, "demands to be read" ? Now remember when SFRevu said, "This may well be the most ambitious epic science fiction series of the current decade." That's it folks. No more excuses.

New Pyr slogan: Got Kenyon?


  1. I started reading Kenyon about a year ago, and I have yet to read something by her that disappoints. She's a top-notch writer.

  2. Thanks Cat. I won't dispute you.

  3. I picked up Bright of the Sky when it was released and thought it was outstanding. Since I have bought the rest of the series as they were release but am holding off reading them until Prince of Storms is released. Then massive reading marathon - they are just that good.

  4. Hey KP,
    I really appreciate you buying them and saving them, verses waiting till they are all out to buy them. Books are getting more and more like television/film, where the first few weeks "boxoffice" counts disproportionally.