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MultiReal makes io9's Best of 2008

David Louis Edelman's MultiRealmakes's Best Science Fiction Books of 2008 list, alongside such prestigious names as Neal Stephenson, Nancy Kress, Ken MacLeod, Cory Doctorow and others. They say:
An amazing hard scifi tale, this is the second in an action-packed series from Edelman. ...With so much mass-media science fiction featuring anti-science heroes who battle to stop science from 'going too far,' it's great to read a really smart novel about a hero who's fighting to save scientific progress from being suppressed. David Louis Edelman's MultiReal, the second volume in the trilogy that begins with Infoquake,is a welcome cure to the Fringe/Eleventh Hour science-bashing, even though it presents both the pro- and con- arguments about radical progress. But MultiReal is also way more entertaining than the science bashers.

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  1. Yep, these 2 books were wonderful! They definitely made my Top 10 Books That I Have Read list for 2008. Waiting for the next installment.

    When the last book comes out, I know that I will consider the series as ONE book, even though they are 3 books, and will base my final assessment on them as one book. Fair? Don't know. But let's face it, I know that is what I'll do.

    Congrats Lou & David & Martiniere on producing a most enjoyable trilogy! And Happy New Year!