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I've been busy...

A host of recent acquisitions, which, since they have appeared in Locus and are being talked about on various websites, I might as well aggregate here to whet your collective appetites:

The Ghosts
of Manhattan
, and an untitled sequel, a "steampunk superhero" tale from George Mann (The Affinity Bridge).

The Grave Thief, Book Three of the Twilight Reign, gritty epic fantasy from Tom Lloyd.

The Quiet War, brilliant near-future space opera from Paul McAuley.

Sasha: A Trial of Blood & Steel, book one of a epic fantasy quartet, from Joel Shepherd. Very politically savvy stuff and more of that "gritty" fantasy we love so much.

Diving into the Wreck, from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, wonderful space opera adventure based on her Asimov's Readers Choice Award-winning novella of the same name.

Dawnthief, Noonshade, and Nightchild, the Chronicles of the Raven trilogy - more (yes) "gritty" epic fantasy from James Barlcay.

The Office of Shadow, espionage meets epic fantasy in this sequel to Midwinter, from DC/Vertigo author Matthew Sturges.

Excited? I am.


  1. The Quiet War is a book that's been on my radar for a while but I haven't picked up (mainly because I'm not too keen on that UK cover art - petit, I know). I'm glad you'll be releasing it too, now I know where I'll get it from :)

  2. Thanks Mark. The UK cover art actually looks nice on the hardcover, with the golden foil they've put on Saturn's rings, but I don't think would play well on a trade paperback, which is how we'll be releasing it, where, without the heft of a hardcover, it would look like we just skimped on art. You'll be happy to know we've got Sparth on it, who recently did such a fine job on Michael Flynn's The January Dancer for Tor and who did Theodore Judson's The Martian General's Daughter for us.

    And thank you. It's hard to bring deserving UK authors across when people order the UK editions from overseas, so support for the US edition really helps us to continue seeking out UK talent.

  3. These sound fantastic. Lots to look forward to.

  4. Glad I read this post. I was going to order the McAuley with some Christmas money but now I'll wait for the Pyr edition. Thanks for bringing it over!

  5. Awesome! So that means we finally get The Raven books here in the US? I had recently posted a rant about the lack of availability of these in the US..glad they are finally coming! Any chance they are going to be "quick published" (like all 3 within a year or something)?

  6. Michael P.9:13 AM

    Ooh, a Steampunk series! I can't wait. That is my favorite sub-genre right now. I've got Lloyd's first Twilight book beckoning to me from my to read shelf, which I'll have to get on since 2 is almost out and 3 is on the way. You guys are loading me up with too much good stuff. Keep up the smashing work.

  7. Excellent news. I was hoping that Joel's Sasha books would get picked up in the US. Also looking forward to The Office of the Shadow. If the Raven series is in Hard Back I will definitely pick it up (imported the paperbacks some time ago). I will have to put the Quiet War on my list as well. Thanks for bringing these over the pond.

  8. Thanks everybody for the enthusiasm - that's really heartening to hear.

    Now, Rene - thank you very much.

    Chris - thank you very much for waiting for our edition, that has a very direct effect on our ability to do the follow-up!

    Jeff C - we'll be finalizing the schedule later today actually, but the plan will be to put all three Chronicles of the Raven books out in three consecutive months, in the latter part of 2009.

    Michael P - wait till you see the cover art for Ghosts of Manhattan - gonna blow you away. This is 1920s steampunk too, which we've not seen much of yet. (And yes, the Lloyd are incredible. I love what he does with his gods.)

    KP - sadly, we wouldn't do hardcover on books that have been available overseas so long. We'll do trade paperback. Perhaps when these are the smash hit that we all know they can be, we can explore putting later Barclay masterpieces out that way. Meanwhile if you like these books, The Office of Shadow and it's predecessor Midwinter won't disappoint.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  9. James Barclay's Raven novels coming to the US is long overdue. Glad to see you picked them up, Lou. They really are terrific novels and I think he captures dragons very very well.

  10. I love his dragons! I was reflecting on the way dragons had been watered down, tamed, turned into little more than flying horses or props, and here he comes along with dragons with all the ferocity and majesty and power that you hit the first time you encountered Smaug.

  11. Hmmm, I was going to ask where's cyberabaddays on the list, but then I realized that the list was much too short to be just 2009 and it appears from the comments above that a lot of these are by non-U.S. authors. Must be the affects coming from hubby baking in the kitchen.

    BTW - having Sparth doing a cover is almost as tantalizing as having Martiniere or Picacio doing a cover! (no favourites here, of course ...)


    P.S. And rest assured I will also wait for the U.S. edition before ordering the British from

  12. Hi Christine:
    This isn't a list of a season or schedule, just what we've signed up recently. Cyberabad Days is a Feb 09 book, so it's way ahead of any of this. You can download the Spring/Summer 2009 season, which runs March to August, here.

    And thank you. Also, glad to know that you - with your fine eye for cover art - appreciate Sparth too!

  13. Hah. I just picked up the second Sasha book a couple of days ago. I was wondering if you would pluck this one, too. :)

    Good to see The Raven books getting a run, too, those are good.

    Interesting Rusch news, the couple of stories there are definitely cool.

  14. Too bad (for me anyway) about the Raven books not being hard cover. On the bright side, I am adding at least 4 of these books to the 15 books on the forthcoming web page that are already on my buy list.
    Thanks again for bringing such a quality lineup. The new books will save me a ton of money vs importing from the UK and Australia.

  15. Blue - Joel is just too good at what he does not to.
    KP - I wish I could, but it's hard to debut new (to the US) authors in hardcover and I'll get James a lot more readers out of the gate in paperback. Meanwhile, I can't fault you if you are picking up 19 other Pyr books - did I read that right??

  16. Yes, I am buying most of the upcoming books in the spring/summer wife thinks I am obsessed and the mailman agrees with her. My collection just recently passed the 1200 mark and I am having a terrible time keeping up with all of the talented authors.

  17. Lou, no argument here. Shepherd's a class performer.

  18. KP - you are a man after my own heart. At one point, I wanted, not just every book I might read, but ever book I might ever want to read, or ever need to know, or reference, or refer to as in some way important to the canon, etc... etc.. etc... I haven't counted, but the shelves are overflowing...