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Cover Debut: the trade paperback edition of A World Too Near

Here is the jacket for the trade paperback edition of Kay Kenyon's A World Too Near,a book of which Realms of Fantasy said, "It would be criminal if this book didn't make year's best lists at the end of 2008."
As with the hardcover, art is by Stephan Martiniere, design by Jacqueline Cooke.


  1. Gorgeous, just like the others in the series. I cornered Kay at the WFCon and she signed my copy of Bright of the Sky.

  2. A hardcover, I hope!
    Seriously, though, thanks. Eagerly awaiting Stephan's fourth cover now, dying to see what he comes up with to finish off this series.

  3. Actually it was the trade BUT I own both. I just wanted a signed one from her so I bought the trade edition at the con. I've also bought friends copies for christmas, how's that for brand loyalty ! Looking forward to seeing the 4th one as well.

  4. I tip my hat to you sir. Sincerely.