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David Louis Edelman's latest newsletter, too funny & informative not to repurpose as a Pyr blog entry:


There's a convergence of astral forces in the air... a locus of spiritual energies... a crossroads in the galaxy where Ebb and Flow meet. The buzzer has sounded, it's a tie game, and the universe has gone into quantum harmonic electro-mega overtime.

What's causing all this? Why, it's the imminent release of MultiReal and the re-release of Infoquake, of course! We're a scant few months away from what I am now officially labeling the Summer of Jump 225. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as the Summer of Love, but these things take time to build.

Very, very soon I'll have new websites, new reviews, new appearances, and the like to report. But in the meantime, here's all the David Louis Edelman writing news that's fit to, uh, type.

  • John W. Campbell Nomination for Best New Writer.
    Yes, it happened! Thanks to all your efforts, I'm now a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in science fiction and fantasy. The other nominees: Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jon Armstrong, and David Anthony Durham. The winner is voted by Worldcon members and will be announced (along with the rest of the Hugo awards) this August at the Denver Worldcon. (You'll be pleased to know that my editor, Lou Anders, is up for a Hugo this year as well.)
  • MultiReal Chapters 1-5 Available Online in the Pyr Sampler.
    My publisher, Pyr, has released a 326-page sampler of its upcoming titles. Included in the sampler are the first five chapters of MultiReal, available for the first time anywhere. Download the whole sampler from Pyr (Adobe Acrobat 3.5 MB file) and then head over to my blog to tell me what you think of it.
  • My Story "Mathralon" Now Available.
    My first, and so far only, completed science fiction short story has been published and is now available in The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2. It's called "Mathralon," and it's a story about economically oppressed space miners told without plot, characters, or dialogue from a Greek chorus point of view. The UK Guardian singled "Mathralon" out as one of the standouts in the collection, calling it "a deliberately dry, unconventionally narrated account of the mining of a rare mineral, a story on a galactic scale which only serves to show what very small worlds we inhabit." Intrigued, you say? Go thou forth and order the anthology on Amazon. Solaris was kind enough to allow me to publish "Mathralon" for free on my website as well. You can read the entire story here and read an introduction on my blog as well.
  • Robert Sawyer Praises MultiReal.
    Rob Sawyer, author of too many acclaimed novels to list here (including this year's Hugo nominee for Best Novel, Rollback), has given an advance blurb for MultiReal. Here's what Rob has to say: "Just when we thought cyberpunk was dead, David Louis Edelman bursts on the scene with defibrillator paddles and shouts, 'Clear!' If there's any web more tangled than the World Wide one, it's the Byzantine networks of high finance; Edelman intermeshes them in a complex, compelling series. This DOES compute!"
  • My Introduction to Titus Alone Now Available.
    Overlook Press has just reissued Mervyn Peake's 1959 novel Titus Alone, the third in the classic Gormenghast Trilogy. Gracing the opening pages is a new introduction by Yours Truly. The gist of it? Despite what you may have heard, Mervyn Peake's last novel is not the product of a deteriorating mind, but a vibrant counterpoint to the first two books in the series. Go order Titus Alone on Amazon. Overlook Press has also graciously allowed me to post the introduction in full on my blog.
  • I'm on Wikipedia.
    The gods of communal knowledge have seen fit to provide me with my own Wikipedia page, which makes me happy out of all proportion to the actual achievement itself. I actually had Wikipedia pages before, twice, both of which were almost instantly taken down by the Powers That Wiki. So you might want to see the page before someone decides I'm not important enough to merit it.
  • MultiReal and Infoquake Available for Pre-Order.
    Just in case you weren't already aware, you can pre-order MultiReal and Infoquake on Amazon, among other places.

Coming very, very soon: brand spankin' new redesigned websites for me as well as for Infoquake and MultiReal.

Towards Perfection,
David Louis Edelman

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