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Infoquake: Science Fiction's John Grisham

There's a new review of David Louis Edelman's Infoquakeup on Grasping for the Wind, which proclaims "What John Grisham has done with the legal thriller, Edelman has done with business." They describe Infoquake as "an adventure filled narrative," and conclude, "Infoquake is well-written and well-cadenced. The climax is fulfilling and exciting, yet it is only a speech, and a marketing one at that. Edelman has so well woven the elements of his plot together that Natch’s simple speech has a much power and excitement to it as another science fiction story’s destruction of a spaceship or a fantasy’s evil overlord dying hideously at the hands of a hero. That takes skill to write, and Edelman has it in spades. I highly recommend this novel."

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