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Starship: Mercenary Scores a Hit

Now this is interesting. Graeme of Graeme's Fantasy Book Reviews, admits to "not really being into science-fiction" and also & therefore to having never heard of multiple Hugo-winning author Mike Resnick. And to picking up Starship: Mercenarywithout having read books one and two in the series (why do people do that? Okay, we sent it him to review, but I know there are readers out there who do it too). So, coming in cold midway to the series without an over-abiding love for SF to fall back on, how did he find Mercenary?

Why, the book is "just the kind of sci-fi that I can see myself reading more of… it’s fun and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. A clever blend of ‘military sci-fi’ and ‘space opera’ that is just the job for a trip into work or a lazy weekend. Seven and a Half out of Ten."

Now, if that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

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