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Killswitch: The Heroine Bionic Woman Should Have Been

JP on SF Signal gives Joel Shepherd's Killswitchfour and a half stars, with a review that says, "These books cry out for some type of screen (big or small) time. (I'm looking at you Sci Fi Channel. Convince Kate Beckinsale to play Cassandra and you won't be able to keep the SF fans from storming the channel.) ...If there's anything Shepherd can do well, it's action sequences. Everything you'd expect a synthetic being like Kresnov to do, she does. And Shepherd's prose brings it to life with widescreen clarity. This is the heroine the Bionic Woman should have been. Smart and supremely confident..."

JP says he even paused in his playing of a videogame to read. Can there be any higher praise in our current century?

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