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In with the New Year, Out with the Old

A few more end of the year round ups showing up.

John of SFSignal posts his 2007: A Year in Review - John's Take. He lists his personal favorite reads from the year - not necessarily all books published in 2007, but all books he read, liked, and rated a 4.5/5 or higher. Two Pyr books make the list: Martin Sketchley's The Liberty Gunand Mike Resnick's Ivory: A Legend of Past and Future.

Meanwhile, over at Futurismic, Tomas Martin takes A New Year's Look at 2007's Science Fiction. Listing his Top Five Books of 2007, we're pleased to see Joel Shepherd tying with himself in fifth place for Breakawayand Killswitch, Ian McDonald coming in at number three for Brasyl,and (thank you) a "special mention" for my own Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge.

Meanwhile, the interestingly titled The Breathing Corpse blog lists The Years Best Reads - Science Fiction. Mike Resnick's Starship: Pirateand New Dreams for Oldboth make the list with the comments that, "I read a bunch of Mike Resnick this year but these are the best. Starship: Mercenaryis out now and I'll be reading it soon. Resnick is now one of my favorite writers." Meanwhile, their 2008's Books I Can't Wait to Read includes several Resnick titles as well, including the forthcoming Stalking the Vampire: A Fable of Tonight.


  1. In my own list,Pyr is also promiment amongst my favorite books read this year.

    I do consider Pyr one of my "finds" for publishers this year.

  2. Paul, I am deeply gratified to see 3 of your 4 favorites are Pyr authors, out of a list of 58! Thank you so much for sharing!