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On the Road: Kenyon, Latner, Moorcock, and Resnick

A quick round-up of where to author appearances:

Kay Kenyon (Bright of the Sky, A World Too Near)

Feb. 15-17Radcon/Pasco, WA
Feb 29-Mar 2 ConDor/ San Diego, CA
Mar 13- 16 OmegaCon/ Birmingham, AL
July 17 - 20Readercon/ Burlington MA
October 30 - Nov 2 World Fantasy/ Calgary, AB Canada

Alexis Glynn Latner (Hurricane Moon)

Jan. 2 Bay Area Writers' League/Clear Lake City, TX appearance as speaker
Feb. 28 Fondren Library/Houston, TX
Apr. 25-27 Nebula Awards/Austin, TX
Jun. 27-29 ApolloCon/Houston, TX
Aug. 15-17 ArmadilloCon/Austin, TX

Michael Moorcock (
The Metatemporal Detective)

Dec. 8 Book People/Austin, TX 3 pm featuring Moorcock and Illustrator John Picacio

Mike Resnick (Starship: Mercenary, Starship: Mutiny; Starship: Pirate; New Dreams for Old; Ivory)

Jan. 18-20 ConFusion/Flint, MI
Jan. 25-27 CoSine/Colorado Springs, CO
Feb. 14-17 CapriCon/Chicago, IL
Mar. 14-16 OmegaCon/Birmingham, AL
May 30-Jun. 1 ConCarolinas/Charlotte, NC
Jun. 26-29 Midwestcon/Cincinnati, OH
Aug. 6-10 Worldcon/Denver, CO
Oct. 2008 ConStellation/Huntsville, AL Mike will be the Toastmaster

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