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Interview: Joel Shepherd x 2

Joel Shepherd is the subject of two interviews. First, John Joseph Adams interviews Joel for Sci Fi Wire, about the recent release of Killswitch. Speaking of lead character Cassandra Kresnov, Joel told Sci Fi Wire, "She's not entirely sure of where she fits in anything and has no moral certainties save the value of human life and her own desire to do something useful. I think a lot of that comes straight from me."

Then Jessica Strider interviews Joel for the World's Biggest Bookstore's Sci-Fi Fan Letter. Also speaking about Cassandra here (no surprise), Joel tells Jessica, "She's possibly the least biased and most open minded person you'd be likely to meet on most matters -- a natural pragmatist who is simultaneously intrigued by non-pragmatic things precisely because they're unnecessary. She looks at everything as though it were new and fascinating, which as a writer forces me to do so too."

And remember, first chapters of Killswitch are available online.

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